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A Kitchen Remodeling Service Provider’s Tips on Modular Cabinets

Modular kitchen cabinets consist of pre-made cabinet parts. These are then fitted together to create a complete and functional kitchen. Modular cabinets are extremely popular with kitchen remodeling service jobs and come in 2 types, these are the upper and lower units. There are full units available, like closets or pantries, which fit from floor to ceiling. Because a modular kitchen is actually pre-built and bought in ready-made sections, it is the complete opposite to custom made kitchen cabinets, which are built on site.

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A modular kitchen is much cheaper than a custom built one, due to the fact everything has been built already. The interesting thing about these kitchen cabinets is they can still be unique because of the different combinations available. There are various different finishes, counter tops, and hardware too, which, when combined, will make your kitchen look like it was custom built.

Upper or wall cabinets come in single or double door designs. Door choices range between smooth, beveled, and glass panel. Glass panel doors are generally used on some of the cabinets to add variety, airiness and a place to display dishware. Some can be frosted or etched in a pattern. The main part, which is the box, comes with pre-drilled holes so buyers can choose how many shelves they want in each cabinet.

Stacking cabinets are also popular as they will increase storage. These are, however, smaller and narrower so they can be stacked on top of the counter. They could store items within easy reach, like cups and spices. Lower or floor cabinets in modular kitchens are available also and can serve various different functions. For instance, some come with sinks included on the top, with storage cupboards underneath. Other lower units are narrower and are fitted with pull-out wire shelving, which can house food products.

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